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This is the page where you can find me !!!

My name is Aby Varghese.  I was born at Mundakkayam, a small beautiful village near Kottayam in Kerala state, which is the southern most state in the Republic of India. I am a member of Illitharayil family. I have one sister who had married and have two kids. My mother tongue is Malayalam. 

Believe in yourself and keep a winning attitude...

I hail from this small state in India called Kerala, The Gods Own Country. The state, well known for its greenery, backwaters, and beaches. 

 I am working in New Delhi as an Executive Administration in an Internet Portal & Publishing house called
It was by sheer incident or God's ordinance that Shincy came into my life like a bright morning star. Of course she also hails from a family of Gods servants. Her aesthetic sense of humour lies deep down in her manteel and manifests itself where ever she is. In fact she has become the fountain of inspiration to me. Ever since she lit the lamp of my life, awards of different degrees from God where bestowed on me. I have never been attracted to any body so much; in her I found out my ideal realised; my soul felt thrilled. I am spending days and nights dreaming about her. At last she will come to my arms I will secure her my beloved, my own sweet heart.

"Love excelled, and towered over the wrecks of time, I whisper a prayer that God may beam His light and love upon the path of our life" !.


Taking a break from work

Set your standards high.

You deserve the best.
Try for what you want.
And never settle for less.
Believe in yourself.
No matter what you choose.
Keep a winning attitude.
And you can never lose.
Think about your destination.
But don't worry if you stray.
Because the most important thing.
Is that you've learned along the way.
Take all you've become.
To be all that you can be.
Soar above the clouds.
And let your dreams set you free...


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Vaalsalyam, Shyamala, Punjabi House...

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